Tuesday was the last Oil Painting class (that I missed, stupid soup) so yesterday, I decided to move my materials out of the bag they were in and into my office. Somewhere between transport I actually looked at my office, and the closet doors ajar from cardboard boxes, the cluttered floor, and stuff everywhere, and I started to actually clean everything. I didn’t have the forethought to take a before picture, because I was too busy trying to make it manageable, but in the end, it turned out beautifully with a few more additions of cardboard furniture.
I had a bunch of random workbooks and papers on the floor, so I pulled out two boxes and put them on top of each-other by my desk, to create a shelf-like thing for the books, my toys, and the routers. Which, surprisingly, looks way better than it did before.
Then I took my desk, and redesigned it, and moved it into the office from the living room, and it now serves as a supply holder/place to put drying paintings.

That project did end up taking all afternoon, but it was so worth it, and it feels nice to go in there now. I also did manage to get some illustrating done, and my husband’s birthday presents wrapped, so I feel incredibly accomplished!






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