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I thought I was tired yesterday. I’m beginning to think that I need the sun to like, live and stuff.
I can’t seem to muster up the energy to do much of anything. I did play World of Warcraft until the lag or connection or something overtook it and I was wandering around Azshara waiting for snipers to come out of trees and they never did, and my companion stopped following me, it wasn’t until I tried to exit my machine 30 minutes later that I realized something must not be working right.
It’s that kind of day. My brain is slow.
So, I went on a walk, and came back and decided I didn’t want to make soup for dinner after all, and I didn’t want to do the dishes, and I didn’t have the energy to paint (seriously, the last time there was a *glimpse* of sun was sometime last week) because it would involve doing dishes so I could clean my palette.  Although, I did come up with a brilliant idea of *what* to paint when my energy returns to me.
The golden snitch! It’s yellowish. When I paint again, and consequently, use my last canvas – I want to paint something bright…and Harry Potter related. The Snitch is perfect for that.
I’ve spent the time since then on Pinterest -where I’ve been finding cool artistic things and pinning them. I have a board for things to inspire me, and things that I like, and house things, and cool things. I’ve had way too much fun with it – you can even follow me here: http://pinterest.com/kiery/
Lastly, dinner is frozen steak fajitas from TGI Friday’s, because…….I’m freezing, tired, and neither of us feel like actually cooking.

Film and Stuff

For the last few days we’ve mostly been playing with our camera – and trying to not get sick. The second part hasn’t really worked out so well which is partly why I haven’t posted much. The other reason is because I spent all day on Monday cleaning and organizing the office and then making an Ikea wishlist. The good news is, cleaning the office gave me a chance to play with the video mode – and while it’s not the most creative shot – and really not even a good idea of what my baby is capable of (you’ll have to check out Alex’s blog or Vimeo to see that eventually)it’s a good excuse for you to see my office!!!! Sorry about the aliasing, bad lighting + me not knowing which crop (or how to crop) sort of ends up that way.

back cover

This week I made an announcement about the book I’ve been illustrating (and writing), so I’ve been trying to get the final copy formatted. After uploading the initial cover I realized I need a back cover to go with the front cover. I decided it’d be better to paint it to keep the style together, but I also wanted to use an elevated surface after watching a tutorial from Empty Easel.
Since I don’t have an easel yet (hint) I taped a square piece of cardboard and a longish rectangle piece of cardboard together, folded the ends for stability, covered the painting part with wax paper (for easy paper removal) and taped it to my desk.

It’s amazing how much easier it is to paint (with watercolors at least) that way.
It didn’t take long for me to come up with a lovely cover for the back of the book. One step closer now. 🙂


Tuesday was the last Oil Painting class (that I missed, stupid soup) so yesterday, I decided to move my materials out of the bag they were in and into my office. Somewhere between transport I actually looked at my office, and the closet doors ajar from cardboard boxes, the cluttered floor, and stuff everywhere, and I started to actually clean everything. I didn’t have the forethought to take a before picture, because I was too busy trying to make it manageable, but in the end, it turned out beautifully with a few more additions of cardboard furniture.
I had a bunch of random workbooks and papers on the floor, so I pulled out two boxes and put them on top of each-other by my desk, to create a shelf-like thing for the books, my toys, and the routers. Which, surprisingly, looks way better than it did before.
Then I took my desk, and redesigned it, and moved it into the office from the living room, and it now serves as a supply holder/place to put drying paintings.

That project did end up taking all afternoon, but it was so worth it, and it feels nice to go in there now. I also did manage to get some illustrating done, and my husband’s birthday presents wrapped, so I feel incredibly accomplished!

More Cardboard Furniture

After moving the night-stand that we had by our couch into the bedroom to lift the tv a few weeks ago, I decided to make another little stand out of my arsenal of cardboard boxes so I could put my pretty lamp on it.
I used a long rectangular box (the shipping box from a starbucks tea sampler and organizer ) and a thin open square box (the kind that department stores put clothes in at christmas when you have them gift wrap it). I wrapped the rectangle one in our pretty brown wrapping paper and left the top box as it was. Some squares of packing tape and an uneven mount later, I ended up with this.