Hi November!

It’s November – thanksgiving, black friday, cold weather, crunchy leaves, the end of colds (please please please)?
I’m happy it’s November! Every year my grandma, mom and I would go out at like, 4:30am on Black Friday and go Christmas shopping. We were good at it too, we’d spend Thanksgiving afternoon making game plans while everyone else watched football. Since I’m in Maine now, I introduced that tradition to my sister in law (mwahahaha) this year I think we’re going to make more of a plan, especially since I’d like to find a kinect (DUN DUN DUUUN).
One of my other goals for this month, besides picking up some art supplies and working on some christmas projects is to buy myself a pair of skinny or straight jeans and warm boots so I can go on walks in the winder and my feet won’t turn into feet-cicles when I take off my shoes because my hem got all snowy. I’m hoping that will also help me acclimate…somehow…
I went out yesterday (note to self- stop overworking when you have a cold) and crunched on some leaves(!) while I was running errands and voting. I also realized, that half of my motivation is for the sticker (the other half is, oh look, I can vote!). I will stare down the poll worker – well I’ll stare at the stickers – until they give me one. Win.



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  1. Anne Avatar

    You would totally rock skinny jeans! Go for it!! 😀 (Wish I could XD )

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