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Depth Tricks

Was drawing earlier and trying to play with depth. Depth isn’t an illusion I’m particularly good at creating or conveying, but I try. At first I drew the whole picture with one pen and made shapes further off smaller ish. Then I grabbed my brush tip pen, and went over all […]

My Week (again)

Since I last posted, last weekish, I had awesome friends over and we had a fun time doing random touristy things we’d never done before, and watching movies and hanging out. Then I got sick…and I’ve been in bed all week this week – mostly sleeping and eating vitamin C and […]

Color and Canvas

I’ve been stuck in bed with a cold all week which landed me in bed all week. Honestly, I’m still *in* bed, just finally coherent enough to write. Last night I managed to muster up enough energy to go to Walmart and grocery shop (because we were out of food) and […]

Artist Trading Cards #3

All black and white, with lots of tiny details. The last few times I did some more extravagant pieces, this time I just stuck to simple (or maybe not so simple) illustrations, and I think I like it better. Some of them are more deep than others…I think that’s what happens […]

Oil Painting: night scene part 2

Last night (even though some pulled muscles impeded my ability to go to class) I finished my first oil painting. I’ll post more pictures next week when it’s all dry (or at least, way more dry than it is right now). But here is the current finished product: I’m really proud […]

My life this week

I had this interesting idea the other day – mostly because Alex keeps telling me that my art is awesome and sell-able – to revamp my storefront. I’m aiming to have everything done and ready by March (or May?) since most of the ideas are still formulating themselves and I have […]

Night Oil Painting Part 1

I’ve been wanting to try to paint in darker colors, so I decided that I’d take the opportunity in my Oil Painting class. The Oil is hard to work with, but I like how it looks, and I like how the sky came out (this picture was taken at night, so […]

Resource: Empty Easel

I ran across this on my iphone the other day, and honestly, I can’t believe I haven’t found it sooner. Empty Easel is a great artist resource/tip site that has articles on everything from mixing colors to marketing. I couldn’t keep it to myself, I’ve learned so much already and the […]