Dish Soap Happiness

Every week or so Alex and I venture out to that city most call Brunswick (we make up many names for it, because, we don’t enjoy driving through it) to go grocery shopping. So that’s what we did last night. We shop at walmart, so we can get all the things we need in one place (soap, canvasses, Burning Crusades, food) instead of having to drive to different places. Yesterday I had just run out of dish soap, and most of the other soap we had in the house, so we made sure to stock up (read: a thing of sweet pea body wash, 3 bars of dial that will last a few months, and hand soap) on those before heading to the grocery section. I wanted to make sure that I got dish soap, so I headed to the dish soap section while Alex went to find food. Usually I just grab a yellow bottle and it usually ends up being either Joy or Ajax and I’m done. But we wanted to try a different brand…
Do you know how many different kinds of dish soap there are????
There’s oxy clean grease fighters, aroma sensations that not only clean but make your kitchen smell awesome, there’s foamy scrub, scentless, green, natural, and! Olay hand renewal! Along with a vast variety of scents and colors to choose from.
So I was standing there, in the dish soap aisle, for 10 minutes trying to decide if I should get the so-boring-yet-practical oxy clean grease fighter, the pleasant aroma therapy, or the Olay make-your-hands-AWESOME-while-cleaning soap. After standing there with this blank look on my face holding two bottles for a while, hoping the dude on the other end of the aisle wasn’t laughing at me, I decided to head down to the produce section and see what Alex thought. I brought the Oxy bubbles, and the Olay on my trek across the store, passed the moms and kids shopping and found Alex picking asparagus. I held up the bottles and asked which one I should get.
Obviously, he didn’t care, but he said I should get the kind I wanted.
Deep deep down I wanted soft hands more than grease fighting bubbles.
I think the fact that my hands were ridiculously dry yesterday may have had some influence.
I grinned and trotted back to the soap aisle and put the Oxy clean grease fighter away for another time, when I felt like being practical….instead of indulging my hands while I complete a necessary task. This coupled with the glee of not only buying 2, but 4 canvasses ( 2 packs of 2), swiss rolls, milanos, gummy worms (and groceries) resulted in me leaving immensely happy and feeling very pampered.
Seriously, the soap makes hands soft.







  1. Hillary Avatar

    I love this, and its sooo me.
    *I didn’t know walmart sold cavas packs of 2? Suh-weet! Do you know how much they are / how much are their acrylics? (Can’t afford more Hobby Lobby 🙁 although it’s one of my favorite stores.)

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