Month: July 2010

  • Meet Ella

    Meet Ella

    Ella loves to dance ballet, draw, paint, play dogs and send her little toy horses on trips across the country. She lives in hidden places and only comes out when she’s feeling vulnerable, lost, and needs someone to hug her and tell her she’s good. Ella is perpetually 9 years old, just starting out and…

  • The Designer In Me

    The Designer In Me

    I recently got my own cell phone – the iPhone 4. It’s an amazing phone, but I can’t always take it around in my pocket (because they’re small) so I’ve been bringing my tiny little shoulder purse around with me where-ever I go. Which isn’t unusual but I prefer little purses that I can hold…

  • Fire Drills and Hearing

    Fire Drills and Hearing

    I can hear! According to the doctor I have very twisty ear canals which means that my ears will get clogged easier since the wax can’t just come out…so she had a spray bottle with a tiny nozzle filled with hydrogen peroxide and cold(feeling) water and stuck it in my ear canal and squirted until…

  • Faces


    Looking at myself in the mirror the other day, I realized a better way to draw eyes – or something worth trying anyway, and I love it. This was my first attempt, late last night, this morning I made another..

  • Hearing Saga

    Hearing Saga

    They say people with hearing loss are more likely to become depressed (well that’s what the hearing aid commercial told me). I’m here to say that, they’re right! I’ve been unable to hear well for over a week now (thank you, mr. earwax machine) and honestly, it’s really depressing and frustrating. It’s not just depressing…

  • Partial Hearing Loss

    Partial Hearing Loss

    This is what I felt like all week….

  • Puppy


  • Unsolicited {Relationship} Advice

    Unsolicited {Relationship} Advice

    Seems like a lot of people I know are entering into relationships lately, which is an amazing journey full of twists and turns and adventures. I don’t pretend to know *everything* (or much at all for that matter) about relationships (though, I have an *amazing* marriage), but I have learned a lot and I thought,…

  • Ants on my floor

    Ants on my floor

    Last year I wrote about the flies in my kitchen and this week we discovered a swarm of ants on our floor. Thankfully, in Maine, we don’t have fire ants, just the little tiny black ones that apparently like to eat peanut butter off the spoon that I didn’t know had dropped and they tend…

  • Accidental Dock

    Accidental Dock

    I’m loving the SketchBook app!