Ants on my floor

Last year I wrote about the flies in my kitchen and this week we discovered a swarm of ants on our floor. Thankfully, in Maine, we don’t have fire ants, just the little tiny black ones that apparently like to eat peanut butter off the spoon that I didn’t know had dropped and they tend to avoid steak. We usually eat in the living room (our table is wobbly and full of coffee makage and recipe magazines) so more often than not, our plates wind up on the floor until I move them to the sink later. Anyway, when the army of ants converged on my floor and anything they could get their little feet on, we decided they needed to go.
I suggested spraying them with bleach, windex, or drowning them in peppermint water (yes, my first instinct is to spray things at pests and I didn’t really want raid all over my floor) but Alex pointed out that they sell ant traps. Yeah, traps, that they go in and die. I had no idea. So on Saturday we went out to find these ant traps and see if they worked. I was surprised. We got home, opened one up, and it looked kinda like the container that the pretzel and cheese snacks go in, except there’s ant poison inside instead of tasty cheesiness.
We used two, because the ants were hungry and told their little ant friends, and two days later there was only one little smart ant left wandering around the trap. We think he saw all his stuck friends and was trying to decide if he should join them or not, I think he got lonely because he’s not outside of it anymore. Yay! Ant traps ftw!


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