Hearing Saga

They say people with hearing loss are more likely to become depressed (well that’s what the hearing aid commercial told me). I’m here to say that, they’re right! I’ve been unable to hear well for over a week now (thank you, mr. earwax machine) and honestly, it’s really depressing and frustrating.
It’s not just depressing because your ear feels weird, it’s frustrating because you can’t hear what other people are saying when they talk, you can’t judge how loud you’re speaking (since you sound loud in your head), and machine noises (fans, air conditioning, or constant humming noises) get really irritating really fast – not to mention the ringing and the feeling-like-water-or-something-swishing-around inside.
Sometimes I feel so…overwhelmed (I tried going outside and talking to people against traffic and people in restaurants, I about lost it) it makes me want to just curl up into a ball and cry and hope that makes it all melt away. Unfortunately, I can’t cry on demand, or when I want to.
I’ve tried everything except ear-candling (which, according to my research isn’t really -medically- recommended and not something I trust myself to do) and very little relief has actually come from it. So tomorrow I’m going to the doctor’s, so hopefully they can take whatever is in there out (it’s not an earache, there’s just something..stuck…).






  1. frogla Avatar

    aww! sweetie! i know how you feel. i have an auditory processing problem http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auditory_processing_disorder i really can empathize with you. <3!

  2. Hillary Avatar

    Aww…I’m sorry honey. I hate this feeling too. Last year when I went on a plane the pressure messed with my ear so bad that the whole trip I was saying, “Huh?” Not cool. {hugs}

  3. Alex Avatar

    Sorry babe… I know it would drive me nuts 🙁 I think the doctor will be able to fix it tomorrow though, or at least tell you how…
    I love you <3

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