Fire Drills and Hearing

I can hear! According to the doctor I have very twisty ear canals which means that my ears will get clogged easier since the wax can’t just come out…so she had a spray bottle with a tiny nozzle filled with hydrogen peroxide and cold(feeling) water and stuck it in my ear canal and squirted until I was dizzy (which is normal when cold water hits the inside of your ear apparently) and all the wax came out. I was then able to hear! yay! Everything seemed so much louder, I could hear myself talk and not be all up in my head, I could hear my husband make noises and I was much happier.
Then we had an adventure. I came home and started to take a shower and was in the middle of shaving when I heard this ringing. At first I was thinking, oh crap my ears are ringing? and then I realized that the crazy high pitched noise wasn’t my ears but my fire alarm. So I quickly turned the water off, grabbed a towel and ran out into the living room dripping wet to see where the fire was.
There was no fire so Alex came and tried to turn it off and I went back to my shower….a few minutes later it went off again, and surprised me (because, I thought it was off) and I screamed but didn’t bother getting out that time. So a few minutes later I’m all clean and smelling nice and fruity and I get out and head to the bedroom to find clothes and it goes off again.
The alarm is on the living room wall above our tv but right against our bedroom, everything I’d been hearing felt magnified and for some reason we weren’t able to turn it off easily. So I’m standing there, dripping in my towel, trying to find clothes while holding my hands over my ears and poor Alex is trying to turn the thing off and I’m thinking headline: girl returning from irrigation goes deaf due to fire alarm.
I somehow managed to move my hands away from my ear long enough to get dressed and talk (yell, really, due to loud ringing) to alex about finding our landlord’s number. Alex opened the door hoping the fresh air would help and after messing around with our talking fire alarm (it tells us what it’s yelling about) we got it to stop and it hasn’t acted up since.
So, today, I discovered the worst possible time for a fire alarm to go off, and I can still hear! Pretty good day overall. 😀






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