Last Day

Today is my last day at my first (official) job. It’s sort of bittersweet. I’m happy to be able to stay home and study and keep the dishes from piling…and actually cook – but I’ll miss my co-worker, Fatma. She just came over from Turkey, and for being half a world away from each other, we actually have a lot in common. I’ve enjoyed talking to her and helping with english and learning about Turkey and her culture – and how similar our cultures are in some areas. I feel bad for not being as interested in learning about the lives of some of the foreign exchange students we had when I was younger. I was too preoccupied, I guess, and I think I really missed out.
I suppose the nice thing about living in a coastal town in a tourist State is that there are so many people from all over. In a given day, I can hear multiple languages and accents from people all over the globe. Though, I think the most common language is french (we have a large french community apparently) – which can be problematic, because I don’t know french (yet). Sometimes trying to understand what people are asking is hard when half of it isn’t remotely close to english.  So, I decided that to increase my effectiveness in communication(at least in this area), I’ll start taking french in college.
Then, maybe I’ll take turkish.







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