It's been a while

I haven’t been active in the blogosphere for quite a while, and I’m happy to be getting back to it. I’ve done alot of things and been alot of places – recently, married my best friend and live in a small town in Maine. Apparently there’s only 8k residents, but you wouldn’t know it with all the tourists.
It’s my first time living in an apartment – definitely interesting. Lots of neighbors, some with kids, some creepy-ish, others I don’t really know about yet. Maine has been home to a lot of new experiences. I went apple picking for the first time last week. It’s the first time I’ve seen dramatic (“real” for any native northerners) seasons.  First time I’ve driven on the interstate, and eventually, it’ll be the first time I’ve driven in the snow.
This blog is going to be filled with random experiences and firsts, (constructively) random ideas, thoughts, concepts, opinions, and some of the artsy projects I’m working on.  For now, I have to run back to my last two days of ice cream. Enjoy!







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  1. Katie Marie Avatar
    Katie Marie

    Hurrah! 🙂

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