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Finished my project yesterday. I was thinking about making more similar pieces, but Alex really liked the two other blue fairy pictures I had up, and liked having different shades of blue, so I decided to keep them there instead. More time to work on illustrating 😉 I think I might draw them all on white paper first this time, and paint later…we’ll see. Anyway, the finished piece looks great – I was able to take a decent picture (it looks so much better in person) today!
finished 3 piece setWhat would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

In the Works

The other day I went and reorganized the location of a lot of my paintings, and decided I wanted to make a more coherent/designy living room piece to replace the 16×20 fairies and 11×14 still life that are currently sitting above the tv. I’ve always wanted to live somewhere that had some semblance of intentional design. I’m not that good at it yet, at least not when it comes to decorating an entire apartment, but I’m getting better sort of, I hope.
I’ve been watching on of my friends on Facebook put together her first apartment with her fiancé in ways that I sort of wish I could – and then I realized that I actually could if I figured out enough of an idea of what I wanted to do. But I’ve always had a sort of eclectic style and everything is a mis-match of things, though, I generally like to try to find the things that pull that together so it doesn’t look weird. I’m not sure that I’ve completely figured that out, or that the piece I’ve been working on will achieve that, but I think it’s a step in the right direction.
My kitchen is fairies now – I took out all the coffee stuff. I moved the Harry Potter stuff out of the living room and my bedroom and moved it into the studio – perfect inspiration really. Well, and I put the lego HP poster on the fridge and it kind of rocks there.
So now I have the 16×20 fairy paintings in the living room, which I’m going to store and replace somehow, eventually. But last night I spent most of my energy working on a centre piece and I really like how it’s coming out so far.

new centre pieceIt’s not my usual style (apologies for the bad lighting, it was taken at 10pm), but I wanted something a little inspiring, and since I have two Pinterest boards dedicated to phrases that intrigue, inspire, or resonate with me, I thought I’d feature one.

I’m hoping to finish that tonight while Alex is working. And I think I’m going to find an evening project for the next 3 weeks to make Alex’s schedule change a bit more bearable. I don’t feel too bad about him being late if I’m engrossed in working on something too instead of being bored. So I think after this is done, I’ll have a bit more creative energy and inspiration and I’ll be working on redoing the illustrations for The Balloon Lady. If I don’t get side tracked and decide to repaint everything else….

Thanks Mr. Marketing Book

Yesterday I spent the afternoon reading the most boring (and it’s not that boring) of the books from my most recent library trip. Low Budget Marketing For Small Businesses which talked a lot about websites and the internet (obviously). The book is a little old (2003) but I figured some ideas would probably help. Although, I kind of smiled to the Generation Y references because well, that’s my generation, haha (as I was like, 12 at the time the book was published). #notveryold. Still it has ben helpful and even though I won’t be buying words and can tweak my website by myself for the most part (and what I can’t do, I can ask my husband or other friends to help with, because we’re all a bunch of geeks) it helped with some ideas on how to fix my current website.
Every so often I go on this completely re-do everything spree, and over the last 2 years I think I’ve alternated between blog-front and static pages multiple times (at the moment, I’m back to static page, but with blog posts featured). I’ve also wanted it to look a little bit more…me. I like clean websites but I also like artsy ones. I think the design I came up with last night works pretty well for the present and seems to balance the two. Light shades of polkadots with my balloon logo. I thought about adding a fairy, because that’s my etsy logo, but it looked too crowded.
This is all just a work in progress, so please stay patient, as I’ll probably be changing things more later. O:)
Anyway, the most helpful tidbit I’ve gotten so far from the book was the who’s-your-target-worksheet. And I haven’t filled it out yet, but I’ve been thinking on it, and launched an experiment yesterday also, which, you would have seen if you follow me on twitter (free shipping code). However, I conveniently added my twitter accounts (and other things) to my sidebar, if you’d like to follow and find the code and use it in my etsy store.
Anyway, this latest round of changes goes to the marketing book. Thanks, Mr. Book! I’ll go back to reading now.

Magic (or, I can make faces!)

Today, I finally played some WoW, leveled and then started painting. With my tiny new brushes, I can make faces!!!! in watercolor (and acrylics, but still)!
I’m very excited.
I realized something today, I have a lot of projects going on (in my head) and I need to figure out how to do them all between 12:30 and 7. I guess I could start waking up at 9 again (:P)…But basically, I’ve got to work on the script for The Balloons, paint every day while listening to Harry Potter – and work on some specific projects to send out this month, and make some progress leveling from 74 to 85. It doesn’t really sound like much, but I usually end up getting distracted and each of these things require a couple hours of my attention solely (or halfly with harry potter) devoted to them. Not to mention things like…..dishes and sweeping and walks and stuff that need to be done every day (ish) too. I’m not a rigid schedule person – working things out hour by hour doesn’t work for me at all, but maybe if I alternate days between World of Warcraft and Screenwriting that would be good.
So I think I’ll try that over this week and see how it goes.

I think I used too much glitter…

I finished my second fairy house today. Added all the decorations, admittedly, mostly glitter. I also found a few other odds and ends to put inside – my compact mirror and some tiny animals from boxes of Red Rose tea (or whatever it’s called). I used my bottle cap to top the thread-spool-crochet-topped mushroom table and added a magical button swing/elevator on the second level. I also used pink thread to add a bit of flowyness to the outside, and a button hangs down above the entrance. I think I finally made something that my husband *liked* the glitter on…although now it’s all over me and I can’t seem to get it off. 🙂
[slickr-flickr tag=”glitter” type=”slideshow”]
In other news, I went outside today when we had a bit of sun and that felt really good and I stopped coughing for a bit. I’m coughing again now, but I think I’m getting better. 🙂

Eye of Jupiter and Starbuck's Poem

Today while listening to Harry Potter I decided to paint some more Battlestar Galactica stuff – Starbuck had been painting this one particular thing for years by the time we actually see it in the series.
The Eye of Jupiter is painted alongside a poem she wrote on her wall. I remembered it recently, and thought it would be fun to make a watercolor spin-off. It’s easier to decide on something *before* painting with watercolors, unlike acrylics where it doesn’t quite matter as much.

Bubble Fairy (and Transmutation)

So today, I got in my gaming keypad and spent the morning getting used to it while listening to some podcast about Sherlock Holmes (the movie, with RDJr.). I found a sweet spot in Nagrand above the throne of elementals where, well, all the elementals live and you can farm for motes to your hearts content. I caved and bought motes of fire from the Auction House but there were no Motes of Air or Primal Air to be found (same thing with the Overcharged Capacitor. I finally gave up and abandoned the quest. If it ever comes back, I’ll pick it up again) until I found the spot where the Storming Wind-Rippers lived. I’ll be getting used to my new keypad over the next few days questing, and then when I’m used to it, maybe I’ll try it out in a dungeon or two.
It’s hard to get used to, but I really like it so far, and I think it’ll be really simple once I’m fully adapted.
So then, after the Holme’s podcast, I put in some more Harry Potter and got out my watercolors. It always helps me to do something when I’m listening to things, I don’t really know why. Habit, I guess. So while Jim Dale was talking about the Marauder’s Map and Quidditch and Dementors, I was painting a fairy floating amidst bubbles.
bubble fairy
I added a wizard hat because it seemed fun. I’ve had sort of an obsession with bubbles or polka dotted backgrounds lately. I don’t know why, it just adds a bit of interesting-ness. So I made another drawing.
fairy with polkadot backgroundI used a pen until the ink was being weird and then used the special comic-making inky marker/pen Alex got last summer. I like the effect, kinda reminds me of 101 Dalmatians….

Trying New Things

I’ve been feeling discouraged lately, I want to be able to contribute to living and stuff financially because I think it’d be nice (even though it’s not totally necessary), but the winter messes with my health (ALOT)  and there are times when I spend days just unable to do much, or feeling so bad that it takes most of what I can muster to get out of bed in the morning which makes me seriously doubt my job-getting ability, not to mention that I’ve never learned how to turn off my work mode which leads to me being generally miserable after a while and I’m not really sure how to fix it. But still, I want to contribute because I feel like I can, and should, and just, want to.
On top of that, I feel like my time is valuable, because I could be developing my skills (on days when I feel half decent) as opposed to working a minimum wage job that gives no benefit to me except a paycheck and a long time on my toes. So, if I were to become employed, I would want to find a place that makes me want to work there – something that benefits me in more ways than a couple-hundred-dollar check every so often. Which, is amazingly hard to find. So I continue to paint and clean and hang out and try and sell my original paintings in a market I’m having a hard time locating and for prices that most people in my personal circle would have to save for (<insert blame economy>) even though it’s low/mid range pricing for art in general.
Yesterday was a weird day. I had too many things racing through my head, like trying to keep up with a train – eventually I just gave up and sat there, unable to do anything really and watched the thoughts and ideas whizz by hoping that eventually one would slow down long enough for me to grab onto. This didn’t happen until late at night when I finally decided to pursue a bit of inspiration that I managed to be able to concentrate on. I remembered reading about an artist on Zazzle – selling prints of his work on random affordable things (and also selling the originals elsewhere for what they’re worth) so his art becomes known and accessible to people who otherwise couldn’t afford an expensive piece of art. I realized the brilliantness of this, and last night that’s what I spent the evening doing. By about 1am, I created this:

Shop for a personalized gift at Zazzle.
Buttons, stickers, stationary, mouse pad, iOS cases, cups, posters (well one so far, apparently it’s hard to batch-make those), basically everything except clothes/bags (because I tried it and it looked really bad). For well, less than the originals on etsy. So this is my endeavor – I’m trying something new, and hope it goes over well – I know lots of people like my designs (at least that’s what they tell me) so maybe now it won’t be so hard to get (and if anyone has requests….let me know). At the moment, I’m pleased, and feel less like I’m just stuck failing and don’t know what I’m doing (I try so hard).

A Block Of Sky

The last night in Oregon was stunning. We drove through the desert to this place overlooking the town we had been staying in. The bright clouds clashed against the dark sky creating a perfect backdrop for the final scene of our business there. As we were driving I was wishing I’d be able to somehow capture a glimpse of what that looked and felt like.

I painted on a wood square that I picked up at Michael’s because I’ve been wanting to try that and it somehow seemed fitting. I might try to paint similar pieces in the future on canvas – I really love how this turned out.