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  • Prep.


    Started working on the revisions last night, just doing drawings on paper. I only did two, but they’re coming along pretty well I think.I’ve learned a lot since last year – I’m keeping much more in mind as I create the world of Jane and I’m keeping a copy of a Magic School Bus book…

  • Re-Release


    Over the last couple weeks I’ve been putting things together to re-release my book The Balloon Lady with amazon’s createspace. Today I got my proof in, which was really exciting, except that like, everything was wrong with it. It’s bigger, so it feels bigger than I intended, and the pictures are…larger. Something went awry in…

  • Crash Course Challenge day 7

    Crash Course Challenge day 7

    With isms finished I devoted my afternoon to reading a few more chapters in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and the Everyday Work of Art. In DRSB I learned about using negative space to see objects and force myself (in a way) into using my right brain. I did most of the…

  • Crash Course Challenge days 5 & 6

    Crash Course Challenge days 5 & 6

    Friday was hectic, but I managed to finish most of the Modernism section of isms and today I finished the book with Post Modernism. Interestingly, Modernism in general seemed to focus more on the impacts of the sub/unconscious while Post-Modernism seemed to focus more on the idea and concept of art and stemmed from opinions…

  • The Balloons

    The Balloons

    The past few days I’ve been working more on some screenwriting for our short film based on my book, The Balloon Lady. Our working title is currently, The Balloons. We’ve been brainstorming for a few months and working out what we’ll need – like a camera (our Canon T3i) and making random short videos on vimeo…

  • untitled


    So I have this great idea for an art card – a snow at night painting, with a fairy holding a lantern. But it’s too cold, grey, and dark outside for me to paint it (read: I’m too cold and tired). I also have another idea for my last 16×20 canvas…but again with the being…

  • Building Wings on the Way Down (Act or Die)

    Building Wings on the Way Down (Act or Die)

    I finished Act or Die today and the biggest lesson I learned (aside from great tips and exercises that I’m willing to put to use to get to know *myself* not just for acting) was don’t act, BE. Be present in the moment, as the character – feel, act on your internal impulses – listen…

  • Act or Die Notes #2

    Act or Die Notes #2

    I read another quarter of the book today – out loud. As an aside, I never really noticed run-on sentences until I read aloud, then I was searching for periods so I could catch a breath. As I was reading I realized that I (like everyone else) subconsciously use grammar as cues to pause, breathe,…

  • Bad Artist

    Bad Artist

    So I didn’t do anything today or yesterday…because yesterday I had my first ever massage and body wrap which was utterly and completely amazing! Today we mostly hung out, so I don’t have an excuse besides just being tired. Tomorrow I’ll be getting my finished ceramics and packing, but I *might* still be able to…

  • Balloon Lady Vlog

    Balloon Lady Vlog

    Decided to release some cool updates and answer a great question in a video (that I posted on the facebook page). You can find the PDF referenced by clicking here.