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The Gallery of Whimsy

After a few weeks of fighting with my shop (something about the update ate my visual editor) I decided to just start completely over  and re launch my gallery of whimsy in a more fun place! I spent all night re-uploading the pictures (most of them, the pictures I recently re-shot with our canon T3i) and writing descriptions, linking to etsy and now it’s all pretty and ready for some more!
Once winter stops being evil and/or I stop feeling sick – I can’t wait to get back into painting. In the mean time, check out my (new, awesome, pretty, updated) gallery – http://artist.kieryking.com/

My Process

I like to call my process “painting in my head” – mostly because that’s the easiest and most apt way to put it. Sometimes I sit down and feel a painting out, and sometimes I use things for inspiration, but most of the time, I have the painting already in my head. I spend a while thinking about it (or sometimes a matter of minutes) I visualize the strokes, the sections, and the feel I want the painting to communicate.
I’ve been thinking about this one for several days. I haven’t even painted it yet, it’s just been ruminating and developing in my minds eye. There are sections of color: yellow>green>blue. Time/seasons/change. At the end there’s a fairy, who’s more elf like and ethereal – light and wispy. A sheer white gown wafting. Her wings almost transparent, golden hair flowing. She transcends the seasons, floating through them. There are muted designs swirling around that I can’t fully describe with words that surround this elven-fairy and illuminate her path.
Even as I write, the painting develops and turns into something more, a picture of a journey with a trail left behind.
The hardest part, is transferring the image in my mind to the canvas and hoping it still feels the way I feel it when it’s out for the world to see.

New Camera

Our T3i came in, so now we can shoot video over the summer, but today, we were enjoying the photography part of the camera. Alex will probably have a detailed review up eventually so I’ll just show the awesomeness in pictures.

Self Portrait

Chinese Fortunes that I liked and put on the wall


shot of one of my pieces that I liked (I retook the fairies today)


And a neat shot of Pandora on my iphone.


This concludes my inexperienced snapshot of our awesome new Cannon T3i.

Season Fairies

Continuing with my fairy theme, I decided to use the 3 5×7 (thin) canvases and create a small series – I’m calling it the Season Fairies. Spring, Summer, and Fall are represented in the 5×7 format – I didn’t do winter because I already had a snowflake 11×14 that did a great job of capturing this cold blustery season. Also, because I’m tired of winter and didn’t feel like repeating the blizzard-like conditions outside on a canvas.

Why Fairies?

“She’s my fairy”
“But there’s no such thing as a f-”
“Don’t say that. Every time someone says that, a fairy somewhere falls down dead!”
– Peter Pan
Fairies are strong beautiful creatures whose power keeps the world in order. They bring change, seasons, and put the world to sleep at night. They are timid, shy, and even skittish at first; they are powerful but don’t know their own strength. Fairies can’t survive when their existence isn’t believed or recognized. Their light and confidence fade when others turn away and tell them they’re not real. They have yet to learn that their existence doesn’t come from others, but from within themselves – only then will they be able to realize their true potential and how valuable they really are.
Anonymous Fairies resonate with me because they are strength and beauty paired with timidity and a need to be believed in. They’re anonymous because they haven’t found their true selves yet, they haven’t become confident in their identity and they’re on a journey to discover that…not unlike ourselves.
[slickr-flickr tag=”anonymousfairies” type=”slideshow”]

The Making of a Fairy

I sent in an application to be in an art show in April, and decided to go with my fairies if I get in. So today, I thought it would be fun to make a time-lapse-ish video of what it looks like for me to paint a fairy on an Art Card. I’m right handed so my hand is in the way alot (because I didn’t want my iphone near the water and paints for obvious reasons, it was a semi precarious set up) but it still gives you the idea.

A Block Of Sky

The last night in Oregon was stunning. We drove through the desert to this place overlooking the town we had been staying in. The bright clouds clashed against the dark sky creating a perfect backdrop for the final scene of our business there. As we were driving I was wishing I’d be able to somehow capture a glimpse of what that looked and felt like.

I painted on a wood square that I picked up at Michael’s because I’ve been wanting to try that and it somehow seemed fitting. I might try to paint similar pieces in the future on canvas – I really love how this turned out.

Illustration Portfolio

Today we went to Michaels and I finally bought myself a portfolio for my illustrations! There are plenty of pages so it will actually just become my watercolor portfolio.

Now my pictures have a safe place to live and I can show them off to anyone who’d like to see it in real life. I also created an online portfolio of my illustrations on pullfolio (because I like to have my paintings on my iphone/ipad in a nice setting) that you can see here.

Progress (Already!)

Last month, around this time, I wrote three posts of things I want to do/accomplish this year personally, artistically, and with my book.
Personally, I’ve done two (3 if you count the oregon trip as a personal vacation and not a couples one) – I’ve gotten myself a bathing suit that I look *cute* in and feel good in, and (also in Oregon) I got a massage! It was wonderful. Going to have to do that again sometime.
Artistically, I just launched an online art gallery and relaunched my etsy shop, made watercolor business cards/ACEO and created some sets: Sci-Fi inspired, Anonymous Fairies, and Still Life. I’m also looking into applying to be in an art show in April.
As far as my book goes, I’m thinking about re-releasing via amazon createspace with an ISBN so I can continue with my marketing plan.
It’s been a really really good month. I even did something not on my list, that I’ve been wanting to do for ages – I visited the west coast and spent 3 weeks in the Oregon desert. I really really miss the water there, how weird that?