Why Fairies?

“She’s my fairy”
“But there’s no such thing as a f-”
“Don’t say that. Every time someone says that, a fairy somewhere falls down dead!”
– Peter Pan
Fairies are strong beautiful creatures whose power keeps the world in order. They bring change, seasons, and put the world to sleep at night. They are timid, shy, and even skittish at first; they are powerful but don’t know their own strength. Fairies can’t survive when their existence isn’t believed or recognized. Their light and confidence fade when others turn away and tell them they’re not real. They have yet to learn that their existence doesn’t come from others, but from within themselves – only then will they be able to realize their true potential and how valuable they really are.
Anonymous Fairies resonate with me because they are strength and beauty paired with timidity and a need to be believed in. They’re anonymous because they haven’t found their true selves yet, they haven’t become confident in their identity and they’re on a journey to discover that…not unlike ourselves.
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