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KieryGeek Preproduction Note 4: I'm Done with Preproduction!

Well, at least the part that involves all the season set up. I’ll have ongoing preproduction forever, and I still need to memorize my script and take some gaming footage, but earlier this week I sent out the emails I needed to send out – which was the last thing on my list of things to line up before filming!
I feel much more relaxed with all of that out of the way. I was really annoyed at myself in July because life happened and I didn’t get to where I wanted in the time frame I dreamed up, that was unfortunately unrealistic. With work starting back up next month, I think the new more flexible timeframe is going to be better for everyone, and with amazing awesome guests every other week, I don’t expect there to be much complaining.
My biggest question right now is: with the youtube channel, and the cafepress store launched, should I make a separate facebook page for KieryGeek, or should I continue to keep all the general updates under Kiery’s Fake Empire?

KieryGeek Preproduction Note Three: Organization

Over the last month or so, I’ve been writing down ideas and thoughts for the next season in whatever place I had handy. Last week, I went through and organized all of my notes into several google documents for easy access. I wrote the first script and idea-ized the next 12-15. I put together a list of interview questions and over the weekend figured out how I’d like to proceed with that.
So, I thought I’d share some of the tools I used to make putting all these thoughts together a little easier.

1) Notebooks. I used whatever notebook I had handy, the first batch of notes I put in my Carpe Diem journal of happiness, and the second batch I wrote in my art journal because I had that with me.

Art journal notes

2) Task management. I’ve been alpha-testing a task management and time keeper tool called tasktend. It’s much easier for me to use than google to-do lists, or to-doist because the interface is better and more straight forward. There’s an easy way to delete and close tasks and you can drag the ones that you want to do that day on to your “plate” and you have have multiple projects/lists for specific tasks. For example, I have a KieryGeek list for my preproduction tasks, a Bruce Roberts list for all the integration and things I need to setup before winter – and when I want to know what I should work on for the day, I’ll move items into my plate to keep it organized – but I can also track the tasks within my project if I don’t feel like moving it out. It’s seamless and easy and epic, but it’s not out yet – so I’d suggest finding a tool that works for your work-flow-style until it’s eventually released.

Tasktend interface

3) Google Docs. I use google docs to keep the tentatively finished ideas and information accessible and shareable. I have one for interviews and how I plan on setting them up, I have one for general ideas and direction, and I have another that is basically an episode map. I tried to use the questionnaire template but that didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. Currently, I’m just using the plain doc format.
Episode guide
I decided to write out 13 episodes at once – well 13 episode ideas at once, so I get a sense of what I’m going to need shot wise and I have more flexibility for re-arranging things. I can also line up some episodes to correlate to upcoming events, like The Hobbit.
4) Calendar. I have a repeating event in iCal (synced with my google calendar) occurring every other Friday for several reasons. First, I can go and count the episodes and figure out which day the 4th or 10th episode is going to take place on. Secondly, I can use that information to make sure that I cover anything interesting happening within that two week time frame, and lastly, so I remember to stay on schedule and actually release the episodes.
One of the more helpful things I did, and decided early on, was to come up with a tag – one sentence that basically summed up the direction of the show that would also help keep me focused when I needed inspiration.

KieryGeek: Your bi-weekly fix for interesting bits of geekery, gaming, and fangirl-gasm-ing.

I wanted to mix the phrases fangirl and fangasm into one verb, because it seemed to be both more accurate, and more fun.

KieryGeek Preproduction Notes Two: Origin

In April, when we started the show KieryGeek, I didn’t really take the time to give any bit of origin story. Mostly because I wanted to get the show off the ground, but as we make our way into season two, I thought it would be a good idea to start off on the right foot and give what will be a background for the following episodes and the way I react to things.
I didn’t grow up a gamer, and I never read any fantasy until after I got married 3 years ago. I played the PC version of Frogger and a lego racing game. We got a gamecube (which I think was obsolete at the time, but still getting games?) when I was 14ish and I played a little bit of Mario.  I suck at racing games and don’t do well with FPS so I was never able, and never had the time to really get into it. I didn’t see Lord of the Rings or Star Wars until I was 16 or so, and it took me a long time to understand what was going on.  Although, I started Star Wars with Episode 1 instead of Episode 4, which is possibly a crime in itself.
While I didn’t engage in the traditional geekling things growing up, I always identified as one – exhibited the same obsessive qualities (and was on a debate team, so there’s that) and was actively involved in whatever I focused on to the minute detail. If you ever feel like going at something in the constitution and lack the context, I can still dig that out and take you on. That was my obsession in school – history, context, politics, the founding, and how it has changed and relates to us today. Quantum detail – I read everything I could, had several pocket constitutions and my own copy of the federalist and antifederalist papers for context.
Everything I know about traditional geek culture, all the things I completely obsess over now, are things I’ve just really discovered in the last 3 years. Don’t come to me for comic book recommendations, but if you want to implode over Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Firefly, or MMO/RPG video games, I’m your girl.

KieryGeek Preproduction Notes: One

When I first started making my web series, I didn’t know what I was doing. Honestly, I still don’t know what I’m doing, but season two is getting a lot more thought put into it than season one did – for good reason. Season one was all about getting myself to actually do the show, and do it regularly. Season two, is going to be about making KieryGeek a little bit closer to epic – which means changes to the set, the format, the frequency, and an introduction to new elements.
I had the idea this afternoon, that in the few weeks I have left of pre-production and with the amount of related thoughts constantly swirling through my mind, I would do a series of blog posts on the preproduction process and things I’m working on.
This month didn’t go as well as I planned for pre-production, but it’s starting to shape back up. I have notes strewn across at least three notebooks, not to mention a to-do list and notes on my computer. I’ve had so many ideas swirling that it’s frustrating and I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to feasibly have guests on the show without flying them all to my apartment.
Much to my emotional and psychological relief, I finally figured out how I’m going to handle guests – a blend of technology with Google hangouts, individual audio recording, and the magic of editing. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Preliminary tests seem to work well enough.
I ironed out a sort of production schedule for the future – realizing that one to two people working on producing a weekly show alone with the types of things I’d like to do is going to wear us down pretty quickly. The production value of the last few episodes and especially the last episode of kierygeek dropped because of burnout and other-life-stress which made it impossible for the two of us to make it into the show that we wanted it to be.
So, a new longer schedule should enable us to make it that much better. I’m entertaining the possibility of releasing a straight-out-of-camera, unedited production video in between episodes, but we’ll see. I may just make this a permanent feature on the blog and write notes and things I have in store.
The Olympics-Opening-Ceremonies-5-Hours-Later are calling my attention, so check back for more production notes over the next few weeks!

KieryGeek: An Epic Giveaway!

If you watched the video, you heard about the giveaway. If you haven’t watched the video, watch it now…

Sounds great, right? I thought I’d share the information here, so more people can join in the fun-ness!

To win:
First, you must hit the like button on the video. Then, Share the video via twitter, Facebook, pinterest, G+, or wherever.
Comment on the video saying where you shared (oh, for non-facebook, use the hashtag #kierygeek) and something you’d like (or don’t like) to see on the show – “your face” doesn’t count.
For an extra point you can like my Facebook page, and like the video post there – will take you to kiery’s fake empire.
For another extra point, get a friend (or a few) to like the video (youtube or facebook) and say that you sent them.
The winner will be determined Hunger Games Style (out of a bowl) and announced during the 10th Episode on Friday the 15th.
To claim your prize, email kierygeek[@]gmail[.]com with your name and address and then I can send it to you in the mail!

KieryGeek Premier and EXCITING BOOK NEWS

Last night, I released (and made) the first ever episode of KieryGeek! Before we reach the two-minute mark, I announced some really cool, really exciting book news.

I’m on Amazon!!! With an author profile connected to my book and everything. The link is now updated under “The Balloon Lady (book) > The Book” link in the nav. You can also check out the splash page I set up for my book news – it’s really simple, but there’s a link to the preview (there’s also one in the navigation up top) here.

Also, it’s important to note, that all future epic episodes will be taking place on my youtube channel at instead of vimeo (because of the cap). So if you don’t want to miss a bunch of cool awesome things, go check it out, and subscribe!