KieryGeek Preproduction Notes: One

When I first started making my web series, I didn’t know what I was doing. Honestly, I still don’t know what I’m doing, but season two is getting a lot more thought put into it than season one did – for good reason. Season one was all about getting myself to actually do the show, and do it regularly. Season two, is going to be about making KieryGeek a little bit closer to epic – which means changes to the set, the format, the frequency, and an introduction to new elements.
I had the idea this afternoon, that in the few weeks I have left of pre-production and with the amount of related thoughts constantly swirling through my mind, I would do a series of blog posts on the preproduction process and things I’m working on.
This month didn’t go as well as I planned for pre-production, but it’s starting to shape back up. I have notes strewn across at least three notebooks, not to mention a to-do list and notes on my computer. I’ve had so many ideas swirling that it’s frustrating and I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to feasibly have guests on the show without flying them all to my apartment.
Much to my emotional and psychological relief, I finally figured out how I’m going to handle guests – a blend of technology with Google hangouts, individual audio recording, and the magic of editing. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Preliminary tests seem to work well enough.
I ironed out a sort of production schedule for the future – realizing that one to two people working on producing a weekly show alone with the types of things I’d like to do is going to wear us down pretty quickly. The production value of the last few episodes and especially the last episode of kierygeek dropped because of burnout and other-life-stress which made it impossible for the two of us to make it into the show that we wanted it to be.
So, a new longer schedule should enable us to make it that much better. I’m entertaining the possibility of releasing a straight-out-of-camera, unedited production video in between episodes, but we’ll see. I may just make this a permanent feature on the blog and write notes and things I have in store.
The Olympics-Opening-Ceremonies-5-Hours-Later are calling my attention, so check back for more production notes over the next few weeks!


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