30 in 30

For the last three years some friends and I have been doing an annual 30 poems in 30 days, and I usually just post it to my tumblr because my poetry suuuuucks. But This year I’ll post it here, with the caveat that my poetry? sucks. But I don’t do it because I’m good at it, I do it because it gives me an interesting way to communicate and explore that I don’t usually use (because I suck at it). So anyway, here are the first two.
A comic in words:
The story of legs
Day one is long and tiring
Day two is slightly shorter
Arches ache, calves strain
Day three is shorter still
Ankles swell, legs stiff, feet become
Little lumps of pain
Night is ice and soaks and rest
Day four is small
10,000 steps
Shoes are sad and legs are grump
Tuesday rains and sleep is sweet.
Sunshowers at dusk
walking to the park
pictures muddled with rain water
the community garden is yielding
wildflowers are orange and divine
going back home
to warm blankets
and dry clothes






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