The Future

Dream job didn’t pan out, and the Ruby Academy was cutting it too close to moving for my sanity, so I decided to go to plan C….
Which is basically do more of my own thing, quietly. But maybe not so quietly.
I recently snagged a Nerd Deal bundle full of game dev and game design courses, which means I have something to do in preparation for the April Ludum Dare!
This also opens up time for me to actually work on those Ruby projects I’ve been sitting on….
After I move I’m looking forward to getting back to making shit again – learning Ruby and javascript (again, for real), C# and Unity and game design and how to make game art, doing several game jams, and making more comics – maybe FINALLY making the comic hosting alt I’ve been wanting to exist for ever.
Making the things I want to see in the world is what I’m basically about anyway.
In the meantime, you can find me playing (and possibly streaming) Destiny.


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