And then there was that time

When I was barely 14, struggling to grasp algebra or pre-algebra and my mom lost her shit and threw the book at me in a screaming tirade.
Math has always been a sore spot, involving many many tears, but none so terrifying as that day.
It was a heavy textbook. It wasn’t saxon, but it was similar.
All my math books got smaller after that.
But that cemented in my mind that I couldn’t do math, even if I wanted to. I don’t even know exactly what was said…but I was devastated.
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  1. Margo Avatar

    Kiery, you can totally do/learn math if you want to! Yes, it will be more difficult than if you would have been younger, but it is not too late! And if at some point it doesn’t make sense, then join the club, because there was lots of times on my journey when some parts didn’t make sense and I needed to sit and process, and I still earned a PhD in engineering. (And there are still loads of things within math I don’t understand, but I digress). My point is, if you want to change your skills in math, you can totally do it. The hardest part may be that you could be psychologically conditioned with lots of negative reinforcement against mathy learning. All that means is you have to recondition yourself with a ton of positive reinforcement. Take it in small doses at first, and either eat something you love, or listen to your fave music, or do something really fun afterward. (i can send you lots of mental hugs your way!) If you don’t want to learn more math, that’s totally fine, I just know a homechooled friend who thought they would never learn anything with math, but with a little encouragement and a lot of hard work, she totally rocked it, even with a two year old and full-time job. It’s not too late to break up that cement and grow something new!

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