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  • Freeze Peach

    Freeze Peach

    Free speech without boundaries becomes eliminationist speech very quickly, and that’s what we’re seeing.

  • I Helped Start an Organization Once…(and you can help)

    About a year ago some homeschool alumni and I got together and founded the Coalition for Responsible Home Education. When Homeschooler’s Anonymous started exposing the stories of abuse and neglect in the homeschool community I realized that I wasn’t alone. It encouraged me to keep writing my story and I’ve written a lot over the…

  • And then there was that time

    And then there was that time

    When I was barely 14, struggling to grasp algebra or pre-algebra and my mom lost her shit and threw the book at me in a screaming tirade. Math has always been a sore spot, involving many many tears, but none so terrifying as that day. It was a heavy textbook. It wasn’t saxon, but it…

  • Fault and Educational Neglect

    Fault and Educational Neglect

    I don’t usually post about things Kevin Swanson says, and I usually try not to pay attention to it, but this week’s broadcast…hurt more than usual. For a synopsis/highlights that will keep most of your eyeballs intact, you can read this post from HA. One of the highlights, and…what’s sort of turned me into an…

  • Introducing Don't Panic[k]: Life Beyond The Kitchen Table

    Introducing Don't Panic[k]: Life Beyond The Kitchen Table

    I had this idea several months ago, about making a site that’s basically just a compilation of advice, thoughts, and resources for people just leaving/graduating the world of homeschooling and religious fundamentalism. It takes a lot of work and energy to find resources for life in the real world when you don’t even really know…

  • In which my genitals mean I don't learn math or science

    In which my genitals mean I don't learn math or science

    Alright, you have my attention. Anyone who can wield a soldering iron like that is worth some attention. […] — youtube commenter (comment since removed by author – creepy part, also removed…by me) I was denied physics because I was born female. I had been taught all my life leading up to that point that…

  • On Femininity

    On Femininity

    Good Homeschooled Girls are supposed to be perfect. They’re supposed to be Pollyanna, Elsie Dinsmore, and Jane Bennet.  They’re supposed to be completely innocent, unnoticed, modest, graceful, but still look beautiful and unblemished (while not thinking too hard about it). Good Homeschooled Girls are impossible. All of us are wearing masks, we’re all acting feminine, we’re…

  • TeenPact and Women

    TeenPact and Women

    To my knowledge, there have only been two female governors in Maine, and none (to my knowledge) in GA. Maine is seen by the staff as the more liberal/wildcard state where things happen there that don’t (or aren’t allowed?) happen in other states. Maine and Hawaii I suppose, because there’s surfing there and every staffer…

  • TeenPact and Me

    TeenPact and Me

    TeenPact is a christian conservative/evangelical organization that organizes government and civics classes and camps throughout the country. Their goal is to raise a generation of christian leaders (teens) to go and bring the country back “for christ” by encouraging activism and male leadership. When I think about TeenPact and my time there, I don’t feel…

  • The Burden of Homeschool Parents

    The Burden of Homeschool Parents

    I’m not a parent, but as an early-graduate home-school alumnus, and one who did a lot of teaching to my younger siblings, I think that I can be afforded some room for an opinion. I was thinking the other day about graduating and how it felt then versus how it feels now. Honestly, I was…