I suck at everything

Ever have one of those unshakable moments – but the kind of moment that lasts for days, and then weeks, and hopefully not longer than that?
When you just feel like everything you touch turns to ashes? even if it’s not objectively bad? it just feels like everything about you is burning everything you’re trying to create?
Lately, despite some cool accomplishments, I feel like I can’t do anything right, or like I’m letting people down, or like I’m behind, or stupid.
Because I haven’t learned javascript yet, because I haven’t used git, because terminal still makes me a little uncomfortable, because I haven’t finished the codeacademy ruby course, because my websites aren’t perfect, because I miss things, because I don’t know everything about servers and I’m probably the worst tech person ever, because I spend more time creating than working on SEO, because my (awkwardly sized) book on drawing people depresses me, because I don’t “draw through” enough, because I haven’t gotten to the point where under-layers work for me, because my drawings still look like scribbles compared to other people’s art, because as soon as I make something and release it into the void I feel almost lost, because because because…
Because I’m not good enough.
I need to do bug fixing on E.R.A. and I’m sad because it worked when I tested it locally. I feel like any progress I’ve made on the web-development and creative fronts have just vanished and I’m the worst who ever existed.


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