Facebook_pngI’m giving myself a mini vacation this week, because…I think with the new meds and being able to finally start doing things full-force again, I was pushing myself way too hard. Which, isn’t actually very good and I kinda noticed myself heading towards burnout very quickly.

So this week looks like a lot of relaxing and nothing-ness and getting rid of pressure. It also looks like clothes shopping and blue hair and nail polish in funky colors.

And a lot of sleep.

And a massage on Friday.

And playing games and drawing and watching anime.

And being comfy.

And escaping the world for a little while.

And new fruity body wash with shea butter, and face scrubs.

And teasing the cat with catnip and watching Mr. Speckles the fish. InstagramCapture_d53ced82-1241-4326-af19-72c51c728839_jpg

And maybe finish painting my Cyriss army.




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