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dick move to indie artists, even taking away their content if they fail to sign on to the new thing. My love of indie music aside, this whole thing really angers and frustrates me as a youtuber. I know my content at the moment isn’t and won’t be affected with this decision at all or directly, but I feel less safe if this is going to become a thing. If they start shutting out the voices of independent musicians, what happens if they start shutting down the voices of small filmmakers like me? I feel like that would be horrifically stupid…but if this thing with the music industry flies, it wouldn’t be unprecedented. It feels an awful lot like google took the sort of level playing field that was youtube, and just sliced it. It’s not even any more. Not just anyone can share their content anymore, you can’t just go here to start out anymore – not unless you meet X, Y, and Z.
Which, in the face of everything with net-neutrality, just feels so…. wrong. The thing that is beautiful about the internet and places like youtube (well, until recently) is that anyone can do anything. Anyone can make content, and it’s the one place you can go and just make your own platform, and if you work hard enough at it, you can sometimes get pretty far. Now, it feels like youtube, the place everyone goes is just taking that away, and as a creator, it terrifies me. To the point where, I’m seriously reconsidering using Youtube for the next season of KieryGeek and I’m about this far away from switching to vimeo or creating my own platform. In fact, if they do decide to start censoring content depending on who pays, I don’t think I will be going back to youtube. I hope that if this does continue – that there’s such an uproar that google retracts their plan, or we all move on to other places and make something better.

I love the internet. I don’t take well to people – google, or the FCC, or anyone, fucking with it.




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