Yikes, I can’t believe it’s June.
Last June a lot stuff happened – I submitted KieryGeek to Geek and Sundry, and there was hellcation while voting was happening, Humorotica started, and I did poems. I’m doing poems this year too.
It’s probably more due to the lack of sleep and being anxious about my prescriptions getting refilled, but I was planning to relax today, and instead I’m just overwhelmed and triggered.
All of the feelings from hellcation are flooding, for no reason. Like, really, no reason – there’s no vacation with my inlaws this month and we haven’t seen them, I think just remembering all of the things, sometimes, opens up a bigger emotional can of worms than I’m ready for.
It’s not like I was trying to remember either.
I have a lot of new things – well, mostly one – I’m making a new comic, called E.R.A. and I’m hoping it’s not shitty. I’ve been wanting to build the site from scratch and haven’t gotten around to it yet. I want to make myself a badge site to keep track of things so when I have a bad day I can go there and be like, but I have all the achievement points!
I’ve had massive, crippling waves of anxiety over the smallest things lately, and I feel like maybe having some things uncompleted isn’t helping (but I also can’t really complete or even start on them because anxiety is exhausting).
I know I really need to fix that…but I’m anxious about that too.


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