20 Things About Me That You Probably Already Knew But I Talk About Booze And Look, The Title Is So Hip Right Now

When I wrote that letter to my parents, I included a list of things about me because…I don’t know, it felt like the thing to do, and then I realized some of this stuff might be handy to list here because it’s interesting and a lot of this isn’t new at all, but I also talk about octopi and white russians, so hey. Here’s a list of random shit about me, that I know  you’re all dying to know…

  • I am a strong person who has lived through a lot of unnecessary trauma.


  • I am a creator and an artist – I make comics, I process my deepest emotions through making beautiful things – and, despite the voices that sound an awful lot like my parents in my head telling me otherwise, I am really good at it.


  • I am a gamer and I think that playing games and immersing myself in enjoying a story is time well spent.


  • I think the world is beautiful and colorful and full of wonder and not as scary as I thought it was supposed to be.


  • I am imperfect and there is beauty in the imperfection.


  • I make websites for people and causes I support! Like homeschool reform, and an art magazine for people from the christian patriarchy/homeschool/quiverfull movements.


  • My favorite color is blue and I feel most myself when I have blue hair.


  • I give a shit about the world and I want to make it a better place – this is why I make things, this is why I write, vlog, and make art.


  • I LOVE science fiction and fantasy, it is what I didn’t know I knew I was missing.


  • Politics was the only venue of expression I had that was accepted and lauded my interest in it was really only because of that – because it was encouraged – because I was finally told I was good at something that I didn’t violently hate.


  • I stopped crocheting regularly in 2009 because I started drawing and painting in 2010 and haven’t stopped.


  • I love Rum and Coke, I can make a mean White Russian, and I discovered the Angry Apple Stag and plan to buy the ingredients to make it at home because hard cider + whiskey is awesome.


  • I have crippling depression and anxiety and it’s hard – sometimes so hard that I am numb again and stuck and I don’t know if I’ll be able to come out of it. I’m on medication now and even when I’m in that rut, I know now that there’s a way out – even if I don’t really know it in that moment.


  • I’m actually pretty good at building things, and I’m amazing with a soldering iron – one day, I plan on making a light up cube to put two-player board games in.


  • My happy food is pizza and rum and coke at our local italian restaurant.


  • I don’t cook, or make my bed, or fold laundry.


  • I had my wisdom teeth out, and they knocked me out for it, and now my teeth are straightening because dentistry.


  • I love Alex. Still. A lot. So many. No end in sight.


  • I collect octopi plushies. I have a tiny tiny pink one, a tiny pink one, and a very very big pink one.  Because octopi are obviously pink?


  • And, I have not yet gotten frostbite.


  1. Kathleen Schwab Avatar
    Kathleen Schwab

    I have to give that hard cider and whiskey thing a try.

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