Oh, I did THAT thing (2013)

January has been brutal, really, I don’t even. But I had a handful of moments and I remembered I did stuff – that feels so far away, and the hugeness of that sort of set in for a brief moment before I got the wind knocked out of me again.
So, while I’m remembering and drinking rum and staving off random/exhaustion tears, here’s some of the shit I’m proud of that happened.
1) I ran a successful kickstarter campaign
Seriously, like, it got funded, and I was shocked, still am, but I think now that the last of the rewards are out and I’m nearing halfway through season 3, the accomplishment is sinking in. It was funded, and I did a thing, and I delivered the rewards, and I’m making the content and people still like it, and that’s huge. It’s huge just to have reached funding.
2) I started making comics regularly
Humorotica is now on an every-Friday schedule which is pretty cool, and when I’m not broke again, I’m hoping to upgrade my tablet. When I’m not making Humorotica I’m regularly drawing in my art journal and making personal comics.
3) I competed in the Geek and Sundry Vlogger’s Thing
And finished in the Top 10! Even though I didn’t continue on to the next round. I still competed, and kept going and stuff even though it happened while I was also in the middle of a horrible PTSD flare up.
4) I finally got a tattoo
And it’s the Deathly Hallows with a Sonic as the Elder Wand and the best. mashup. ever. shut up.
5) I worked on the website for the Coalition For Responsible Home Education
I’m really happy to be part of a group, both in CRHE and Homeschoolers Anonymous working to make the negative experiences and abuses less common in homeschooling, and protect and advocate for homeschooled students (while we all still sort our own stories, and create a support community for processing).
6) Came out of the closet, twice
Two closets in one year! I came out as bisexual in the spring, and recently, as an agnostic. I’ve also talked a bit about identifying as a person and rejecting the gender binary, which is less closet-y and more self discovery and processing and trying to find the right words.
7) Wrote some poetry
I did 30-in-30 on Tumblr this summer, before/between the G&S competition and the kickstarter. I’ve made pomes (roll with it) here and there since. It’s been a good practice and nice because my disjointed thoughts have a place where they can be disjointed and not feel bad about it.
8) I learned how to solder
AND I AM DAMN GOOD AT IT. Because I want to do more science this year, I made an LED D6, and next month, I’m getting an LED watch from AdaFruit which is this amazing company run by an awesome lady with badass pink hair.
9) I chopped off my hair
I got a pixie cut and I LOVE IT. It’s so me and perfect.
10) My cat’s butt was in a picture that The Daily Mail took from my Facebook on their  re-run/write/tabloiding of the Daily Beast Piece
I almost thought about asking them to change it and sending them something WITHOUT Tonk’s butt in the picture, but it was too comedy (much doge. wow.).


  1. Sean-Allen Avatar

    This is awesomsauce. (Do people still say that?) Anyway, congrats! Also, how did you do the Kickstarter thing? I have a project I need to get Kickstarted…

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