And Now, We Wait

I finished in 11th place when voting ended – which is really good as I was still in the top 30. The 30 who move on will be judged on multiple factors, voting is just one of them (so placing is no guarantee) but I also got a lot of likes and comments and views on my video which is good – if not enough to get in, at least as a personal record. I Also doubled my youtube subscribers in one week, which is pretty epic, so thank you everyone!
It’s been an extremely intense three weeks, between life and voting and life – I really appreciate everyone’s patience with my incessant spamming and twitter meltdowns too. I’m going to attempt to get some more drawing done, and a lot of sleep this weekend while I wait to hear about whether I continue or not. Regardless, the next iteration of my vlog is going to be awesome and hopefully better than before. I already sketched out some ideas and as long as I can continue to acquire video games I’ll be in good shape!
<3 you guys are the bestest.


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