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And Now, We Wait

I finished in 11th place when voting ended – which is really good as I was still in the top 30. The 30 who move on will be judged on multiple factors, voting is just one of them (so placing is no guarantee) but I also got a lot of likes […]

Elizabeth Cosplay

  Going to a birthday party that involves cosplaying meant that I spent the entire weekend, and the last 3 days sewing this costume. Bolero’s are murder, but it’s done and I’m so happy with it!

Hobbit Cosplay

Over the weekend I was able to put together my Hobbit costume – with this shirt from Mexicali Blues that I’ll layer with a white thermal-ish undershirt: A silk blue-grey scarf that I’ll either use as a shawl or a sash, and this epic skirt from Calypsoe’s etsy that I found in […]