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And Now, We Wait

I finished in 11th place when voting ended – which is really good as I was still in the top 30. The 30 who move on will be judged on multiple factors, voting is just one of them (so placing is no guarantee) but I also got a lot of likes and comments and views on my video which is good – if not enough to get in, at least as a personal record. I Also doubled my youtube subscribers in one week, which is pretty epic, so thank you everyone!
It’s been an extremely intense three weeks, between life and voting and life – I really appreciate everyone’s patience with my incessant spamming and twitter meltdowns too. I’m going to attempt to get some more drawing done, and a lot of sleep this weekend while I wait to hear about whether I continue or not. Regardless, the next iteration of my vlog is going to be awesome and hopefully better than before. I already sketched out some ideas and as long as I can continue to acquire video games I’ll be in good shape!
<3 you guys are the bestest.

Hobbit Cosplay

Over the weekend I was able to put together my Hobbit costume – with this shirt from Mexicali Blues that I’ll layer with a white thermal-ish undershirt:

A silk blue-grey scarf that I’ll either use as a shawl or a sash, and this epic skirt from Calypsoe’s etsy that I found in a last ditch effort to save myself from having to go buy fabric and sew one!

 I’m so excited because it’s the absolute perfect skirt, and I think it’ll go well with the shirt. When it gets here, I’ll decide whether or not I’ll use some of the extra material from Amanda and Hannah’s Hendstrom cloaks to make an apron or not, and if/what I’m going to layer on top of it. My other skirt that I got from Mexicali over the summer had a similar shade of gold/yellow and went really well with the top, but I think that’ll make it too patterned, so I’ll probably stick to an apron or the scarf/shawl/sash. I don’t think I’ll be doing hobbit feet because my feet probably won’t be visible and I’ll opt for warmth and boots due to the general winter-and-midnight-y-ness of the event.
I’ll probably hide the ruffles on the bottom of the shirt by tucking it in, unless it looks better untucked. ^.^