Vote for Me!

I found out while on vacation and internet-less that I made it. I’ve been trying frantically to stay on top (walking around for any semblence of data so I could tweet a tweet that I drafted hours before – it was a nightmare). I need to be in the top 30 for the first round

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Because of What It Means (and the story I'm afraid to draw)

I. red stain on pink in a tree in the summer doing homework pointing everyone knew everyone noticed everyone but her embarrassed she ran terrified stained ashamed not just because the publicity of the moment because of everything it meant everything she hoped to avoid adults were proud kids were worried she didn’t even know

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Melancholy Muses

You know what peeves me lately? lazy writing. It’s bothered me quietly since the 7th season of Doctor Who aired and the writers wrote the characters completely out-of-character, and then started off with a badass new companion and went back to writing her lazily and helpless. Watching Fast and Furious 5 and 6 (and reading

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