Vote for Me!


I found out while on vacation and internet-less that I made it. I’ve been trying frantically to stay on top (walking around for any semblence of data so I could tweet a tweet that I drafted hours before – it was a nightmare). I need to be in the top 30 for the first round and the top 10 for the second. Voting is daily! I haven’t fallen off the leaderboard yet (that I know of) which is great – but I’m dropping, so vote, share, watch the youtube video and like and comment (all of the activity in votes and on youtube will better my chances). This would mean the world to me. To be included even, is so validating because I’m doing something I love and something that is scary – just as scary as making comics. Being creative is scary, but so worth it – anyway, tangent, vote please, because it’d be a dream. I’ll make buttons and love you forever.

If I get back up to the top 10 I’m going to go get coffee in cosplay, and I’ll be announcing other stretch goals on twitter.




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