General Update and Rambles. Lots of Rambles.

I’ve been planning for SDCC, and setting aside monies to fund it, and Pax East. My brain space feels like it’s been constantly running, and all week I’ve felt on the verge of crashing. Surprisingly, I’ve been more creative this week (unsure if it’s because, or in spite of) than I have in months.
Over the weekend I put together a dream catcher to balance out this space above the dresser (that I moved for reasons).

Dream Catcher

Alex and I have been brainstorming like mad and working on re-writes to Hendstrom and a completely new direction, which has been both good and hard. I’m happy with where we’re taking the new episode, and can’t wait to actually get started on it.

I’ve also been playing Dragon Age 2, which has occasionally lead to hearing Varric’s voice in my head while trying to work. We’re wrapping up at the warehouse; the last odds and ends always seem to take the longest.

My brain is exhausted – so many things, all the feels. Sometimes I just want to curl up and not go anywhere, or think. I’ve had a few moments where I feel like I’m on the verge of tipping the scale and passing the barrier anti depressants have been constructing. But I haven’t yet, and those moments are fleeting – which I think means that 1) they’re working, and 2) I’m learning better thought patterns and ways of dealing with the feels.

My intention was for this to be more eloquent, but apparently I used all of it up on Tuesday.



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