Yesterday, the second website I created (and now, manage) went live! I made it for a local non-profit I worked with over Christmas last year (and hope to continue to work there in the winter, because it’s the best job ever) called Bruce Roberts Toy Fund.

Check it out at!
Besides that and Freeport Creative Arts, I’ve been working on revamping and monetizing youtube for the next season of KieryGeek. It’s sort of a happy/sad thing – because ads are sad, but stuff is fun! And as my job-that-gives-me-a-paycheck at the moment is in winter, it’d be nice to be able to raise a little money to help with production costs and the adventures that entails. So, I’m introducing my cafepress shop featuring KieryGeek and Kiery’s Fake Empire Merchandise!

I spent hours trying to custom design my cafepress storefront and I think it looks pretty good. Eventually, I think this will be integrated with my youtube channel like GeekandSundry’s.
I’ll have links to everything up on the sidebar, but you can see my Cafepress store at!


  1. Starfury Avatar

    Gratz! Both look awesome! I approve! 😀

  2. Ameranth Avatar

    Looking good! I like your logo – simple yet cool looking. I’m not an expert, but I think the storefront on your cafepress looks good! I’ve thought about getting a Cafepress store. I’ll have to check it out.

    1. Kierstyn King Avatar

      Thanks! I tried to keep all my logos coherent, and I think they all feature backwards K’s at this point. For some reason I like the aesthetic of a backwards letter next to front facing letters.
      Cafepress is great – it does take a bit to get looking good if you don’t like any of the themes though, but after some reading and realizing that you can _actually_ upload a header, it was much easier. 🙂

      1. frogla (Heather Magee) Avatar

        i agree, the backwards K is different and unexpected 🙂

  3. frogla (Heather Magee) Avatar

    I really really want the flask 😉 lol kewl stuff all things kiery geek and fantasy!

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