I need to not stay up so late and wake up earlier, at least for the next week, because I have a lot of things I want to do, and not enough time to do them with my current “schedule”. Also, I need to wake up and run from Zombies again, when it’s not raining all week.
To do:
1) finish Team Treehouse – I have 30+ more badges to do and about a week and a half to do them. Which, I can do, if I wake up before 11 or do them late at night.
2) finish The Nerdist Way – well on my way to doing that. I’m on part 3, and I wrote down the prompts in my Tome to do at my leisure.
3) create more content/make more videos. I have the next two roughly planned, but I need to get them sorted and done-ish, and continue to make more. Which means more Mass Effect and WoW for me also.
4) keep journaling – I love it. You might have guessed if you saw the last video, but it’s great.
5) paint something – I want to. So yeah.
need to not stay up till 3 am….







  1. frogla (Heather Magee) Avatar
    frogla (Heather Magee)

    i say yes to all of it!! i’m so proud of you and how you are doing awesome things for yourself. i’m loving The Nerdist Way. i miss our show The Walking Dead. Team Treehouse is cool. i have your paintings in my bathroom. is that weird? lol. btw, are you jogging for exercise?

    1. Kierstyn King Avatar

      Not weird 🙂 – sort of jogging, when I go, for like 30 second intervals. But mostly core/strength stuff like yoga and stretching and attempts at push ups. And walking, lots of walking.

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