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This week I knocked out 6 illustrations + some touch ups on the few people shots I made in the fall. Only 5 left to go, which means after taking today off I should be done painting by the middle of next week.

I’m going to make the iBook Author version first, since I’ve been itching to play with the app, and then I’ll drop the new photos into my createspace template. I’ll be scanning the originals in at 600dpi so the quality should work really well with The New iPad and the hard copy of the book, hopefully.

Sneak Peek

Tonight we’re having soup, I chopped up the vegetables a few days ago, so I thought I’d throw them in the crockpot with all the other stuff today. I’ve been keeping track of my food intake and stuff on tumblr, so I can spam – er, update as much as I want throughout the day.


  1. frogla frogla

    are you gonna get the new ipad? i love your illustration btw!! nice!

    • Probably not anytime soon, but I’d like the book to look as nice as possible on there :)- thanks 😀

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