read: bits of scripts in progress, and blogs I frequent
taste: water. Should be tea…
see: lavender sky, and periwinkle snow. The sun is setting.
hear: wind, soft murmur of my laptop’s fan, husband typing (and humming) in the other room

smell: paint and soap – from washing the paint of my hands and palette

touch: dry skin. I may be turning into a lizard…

think: Sometimes I feel like life would be easier if I hopped off facebook for a while, but because the internet has been my only outlet for so long, it makes me feel a little insecure… Still, I think it would be a good idea. I can’t/won’t go without internet for a week, but less bombardment might be emotionally beneficial. Not that I don’t like the people on facebook, just it adds to my already-overwhelmed state lately. 😛
feel: mostly drained, and a little happy.






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