21 things in 2012

I want to do 21 epic things in 2012 – I’m kind of hoping to make 21 a re-introduction to myself. Sort of like a re-do, but I suppose a better way to phrase this would be to reinvent myself. I’m not (and at this point, honestly, I think most people are aware) the same good conservative home-schooled girl that I used to be.
I hope, that now, as an adult I’ve grown in mostly good ways, though I still wrestle with myself-of-the-past occasionally and there’s a lot more growing that I have ahead of me. I’m hoping that by virtually giving myself a fresh start, a way to mentally reinvent and renew and re-imagine myself and work towards the woman I hope to become – free and unashamed. That the fear of myself-of-the-past that still haunts me will diminish and I’ll grow to accept myself gracefully and without shame.
Well, maybe a little shame, but the embarrassed kind of shame like when you were little and said silly things, not the bad kind that makes you feel like you’re just a bitch and worthless most of the time.
I have 3 things nailed down on my list and I asked some friends for ideas last night and then I had a brilliant idea at 5:45 this morning.
On my birthday I’m going to post my list of 21 things (because I’ll be 21), some of them I may or may not derive from my friends, and I’m hoping that various answers will remind me of the things that I’ve kind of forgotten (it’s been a long couple months) and then, obviously, I’ll update when I do them. Hopefully with pictures.
So my brilliant idea was to extend the dialogue here.
If you gave yourself permission to start over and do some things you wanted to do for yourself, what would they be? What are your dreams? What are things that you can do, but find you’re holding yourself back from doing? What would you be like if you gave yourself permission to reinvent yourself and become who you want to become?







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