I spent all of last night experimenting with Illustrator – I’m a fireworks girl and I think I won’t mind taking a few extra steps to get basically the same result with a program I like better. But it was still good to try, I might try to do some more things with the 30 day trial, but as it’s more of a print thing, I think fireworks is probably more suited to my graphics making experiment.
Learning seems to feed an appetite for more learning. At least in me. The more I learn about art and techniques I’m finding the more things I want to learn and try – not even in the same genre, but in general. Somehow reading about acrylic techniques lead me to reading about photorealistic design which reminded me of making GIFs, which then lead me to wonder about animation, which I would also like to try – which then somehow ends up feeding back into reading more fantasy and art books and painting more. It’s a lovely cycle that leaves me excited and hungry for more and I realize there aren’t enough hours in the day.
Fairy in Illustrator


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