I was using my etsy stats to do an exercise I read about earlier this week. I’m really excited about the new shop stats feature on etsy because I was sort of able to learn a lot about who visits my shop/what they’re looking for from it. Also, to find sites with similar interests/themes to my art. I found a bunch of really cool blogs and websites in the process and thought I’d list them.
1. Doctor Who Official Tumblr I’ve been following them a while now, and that usually results in spending lots of time totally geeing out.
2. MuggleNet – I’d heard of them, but haven’t really followed them. I found The Hog’s Head a long time ago for my Potter talk. 😉
3. Artistic Alley Harry Potter fan-art forum, say what?! yay!
4. Also, along those lines, The Leaky Cauldron fan-art section.
5. TARDIS Newsroom for all things unofficially Whovian.
6. Fairies.com featuring all things fairy and a discussion board.
7. Elfwood SciFi and Fantasy fanart community
8. Girl Gone Geek the title says it all and yet doesn’t quite convey the amazing-ness that dwells there.
9. The Art of Anand Duncan was a discovery from Girl Gone Geek, and does amazing illustrations.
So those are my discoveries this week. I’ve added them all into a folder so I can go back and peruse at my leisure, and if you’re into fantasy/geeky art, you should too.


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