I’m going to learn the Ukulele!
As soon as it gets here – which should be today according to FedEx. I’m psyched! The most experience I’ve had with instruments was a year of piano when I was 5 and that was a disaster. I was good enough at it, but freaked out at my first recital because one of the patients in the nursing home started losing it and I thought she was freaking out because I missed a note. haha. That ended my musical career, till now! Alex has a guitar and I’ve tried to play it but um…I’m so short it’s about impossible for me to reach over it…so he decided to buy me a tenor ukulele and teach me that, since I’d be able to reach the strings. 😀
Also, for the first time yesterday, I was able to look at pictures of myself and see a talented artist instead of a broken little girl. It was beautiful.
unrelated aside: just washed the dishes and my hands are sooooo soft.







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