Baby Fever

No, I don’t have it, but it’s common. Married couples looking at babies going “OH SO CUUUUUUTE! I want one!” whenever they pass one. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I think a lot of the philosophy or reasons for couples actually having babies is kinda flawed (oh cuteness I can bring around!) –  babies only stay in the cute-dress-up-able-doll stage for about 6 months. They’re cuddly and helpless. After that, they learn to crawl and move on their own (yay motor functions), then they become toddlers and want to do what *they* want, *when* they want, and they want to run and play and not sit still, and do things all by themselves. School-age comes and they continue to grow into their own person and make friends and want to go play with them, and then they become adults and go to school, date, get jobs, move out and continue their own life. This is beautiful!
Unless of course you went into parenting thinking that a child will complete you and you want to have one (or several) to make you feel special and loved. If that is the goal….rescue a pet and nourish it back to health and cuddle it all you want. Buy clothes for it and take it on walks. This is great for a pet, but children aren’t pets, they are individual human beings who have their own lives and will grow up with their own opinions of what the world is and how their life should be. If you’re going to have a person, don’t go into it for selfish reasons, being a good parent is the most unselfish thing, and that means letting your people be their own people and not using them to fulfill an emotional need they can’t possibly meet.
If I ever have people, I want to have them because I want to give someone the chance to live their own life, find love, and do what they’re passionate about. Any other reason just isn’t enough for me.
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