Adventures in Interior Design

I really like decorating, and my current lack of style has gotten on my nerves lately. So this week I decided to attempt to design something nice for my living room. I have 4 pictures above my tv but they’re kinda random….
So I wanted something that was more of a piece…and I wanted to try my hand at a segmented piece, and it actually turned out really well.

So well, in fact, that it’s above my bed instead of above my tv! Which means, I’ll need to make another one eventually and put it up in the living room.
Recently, Alex has been using the office, and somehow, all of our magazines ended up on the floor in there, and, well, most things are on the floor, but I kept tripping on the magazines. I’ve been wanting to get a magazine holder for a while, but never did, and then I realized that I have a ton of cardboard boxes that we haven’t gotten rid of (just never got around to it, and I hide them so well) that would work nicely if they were decorated. So I found one box, that was about the right size (formerly my box of new cups) and also had cardboard separators inside (two levels of cups) which was perfect. I left the separators and top sheet of cardboard in, and grabbed some scissors, tape, and tissue paper and set to work.  When I was done I grabbed my huge (heavy) stack of magazines and put them in nicely.

Alex came out later and loved how it looked – I loved not tripping on them.
The other day I also stumbled across something that I really want to try in the Martha Stewart magazine. Basically it’s a window-shade but you use wallpaper and can make it like..a giant piece of artwork. I couldn’t do it here, but, it’d be so fun to try.
Anyway, I think I’m going to need to decorate some more boxes and work on some more segmented pieces next week. I’m happy now that I’ve actually found a use for everything that’s just kinda been…..taking up space and annoying me. 🙂

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