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There have been some changes this week, you may have noticed. First, if anyone is on facebook (or fans of my page) you’ve probably noticed me putting up random splash page designs. I thought it’d be fun to have one, a way to connect all of my sites in one aesthetically pleasing place. This would serve as a navigation, so people who wanted to see my personal blog (this one), my art blog, or browse around my store could do so easily and not try and hunt through links (although, I do try very hard to keep them up front and with  wordpress 3.0 on my other two sites it’s much easier, but I can’t upgrade this one yet :P). So by Saturday, I had a finished design that encompassed the dark whimsical feel that I wanted and Alex helped me code everything and set it up right.
So, if you go to expecting to find this blog, you’ll be greeted by a happy little splash page which will direct you to this subdomain (or others). It took us most of the afternoon to get it working, we even added roll-over colors, so when you hover over any of the links, they colorize, it’s so fun!
I also changed my shop around this week, most significantly, by switching back to Ecwid. The wp-ecommerce only worked well with the one particular theme and after some tweaking, I was actually able to get Ecwid to work nicely. Most noticeably however, I changed the theme to something that encompassed more of my style and left room for growth for a new project coming up.
I realized something about myself recently, I’m whimsical…also, I’m drawn to dark and contrasts, so I think I’ll call myself/style “Dark Whimsy”. Although the whimsy is admittedly more pronounced. I think sometimes I’m scared that if I allow my affinity for dark colors and contrasts to come out, people will freak. Don’t know why, just used to everything having to be all bright and shiny I suppose. Anyway though, I’m making use of my love for dark colors in all of my themes save my shop (which is pink and fairies and I also love it. weird, I know) and it makes me happy, it makes them feel more homey.
On a separate note, another change that took place this week has nothing to do with websites and everything to do with fraking flies coming back into my kitchen. I’m beginning to think that maybe it’s just like a summer/fall thing, and flies just decide to co-habitate with us when it gets warm? Maine flies are friendly? Either way, I want them to go away, because it’s really annoying doing dishes with flies around. Even more annoying when you try to make yourself a roast beef sandwich with mayo, mustard, cheese, and pickles on whole wheat and with carrots, peanut butter and doritos on the side. /what-i-had-for-lunch-today.







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