So after futile attempts to try and make a custom shopify header on my laptop, I moved over to the iMac where we have fireworks installed. Needless to say it worked much better than what I was trying to do on my laptop, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. It’s not the best thing ever, but I don’t really want to delve into my shopify theme files right now.
It was really easy to make though – I took a screenshot of the header area to give me an idea of the placement, then I created a rectangle and applied some transparency, uploaded and took a screenshot.

So I put that up against the background that was already there, and that didn’t look quite right so I went back into fireworks and took out the background but left the rest.

So, I uploaded that, hoping it would work, and a few tweaks later….








  1. Hillary Avatar

    Love it! Great job! You are so smart…I just redid my website and I fully acknowledge I used a template. Oh well. This really looks like *you*.

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