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The last few weeks have been pretty interesting, aside from the Vlogs and working on Lobster I’ve been trying to take some timeout for myself. I’ve been exploring art (and updating that blog more regularly) and in general just trying to reacquaint myself with myself.  I’ve been really tired/fatigued(?) lately and I think it’s partially due to me stressing out about random things and *not* running on adrenaline, or something, still learning about my body here – why does it get tired easily? How come I feel “weird”? Things I never really payed attention to I now am starting to notice. But, to save from boring everyone and confusing myself even more I’m going to copy my husband’s clever little format and put down some of the random stuff that’s been floating around my head.
What I’m Reading: Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. I started it last week sometime and I’m about 9 chapters in, it’s been wonderful. Some more theologically minded people may find it less preachy than they would like, but honestly I’ve been having a hard time keeping my iPad from getting soaked while reading it. Captivating has really been helpful in opening my eyes to how God sees me and created me – lovely. I don’t have to hate my genetics anymore and that’s more liberating than you’d imagine.
Also, Boundaries By Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. I just started this today and I’m about 5 chapters in. My sweet Mother-in-law happened to have it (she’s got a huge library) and leant it to me. It’s been enlightening to learn about how boundaries work and that it *is* okay to say no and take care of yourself. A lesson to me, anyway, since I have this habit of trying to do everything and stress about it. Boundaries is helping me realize that defining where I start and end, what I will and won’t do, are good things, and healthy.
What I’m Listening To: Day and Age by the Killers, Glee songs on youtube, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, and Wicked.
What I’m Watching: Prime time (Bones, Fringe, Lost…) on our new HD TV! Battlestar Galactica on netflix, and I was finally able to enjoy Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on bluray this morning.
What I’ve Been Up To: Enjoying Happy hour at Starbucks (3-5pm all fraps are half off), I had a raspberry mocha today.
Thinking about creating my own coffee table, I’d like to do a syfy/BSG theme since we’re geeky like that. Alex came up with the idea of lighting it, making it somewhat similar to the tables seen here, just more coffee-tableish so it won’t die when I put tea on it.
Also art – funny thing, I’m learning a lot about myself through it. I feel like I’m 9 again and just wanting people to like my pictures and be able to see the beauty in them…because there’s so much of myself in it. I about cried drawing the Lilac one and became really insecure about it and stuff…a lot of me went into it somehow and I just didn’t want it to be laughed at. I forgot how intense and therapeutic art can be, even if it’s simple.







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