Script Frenzy!!

For the first time, I’m participating in writing a massive amount in one month. I’m familiar with NaNoWriMo, it’s pretty popular among most of my friends but I never really had time, or enough of a story to meet the end goal. However, when I was introduced to Script Frenzy it piqued my interest. Alex, Hannah, and I have been playing around with a film idea for a while, and so we thought that this might be a great opportunity (and motivation) to put our skills (or lack, in my case) to work.
The Frenzy starts on April fools day, so Hannah and I spent today preparing – though we’re all doing different stories, I’m really excited to see how everything goes this month. For me, I’m going to try to write one 3.5 page episode a day and see how that works out. If you want to follow along, you can find me here (or by clicking on the picture)







  1. Heather Avatar

    This sounds really interesting. I look forward to seeing how it unfolds. You sound like you have a wonderful life. 🙂

  2. Lindsey Bledsoe Avatar

    I love the NaNo challenges that they come up with sometimes, I’ve tried a few times and just have never really made it a priority – I would really like to be able to this November, though. The script writing sounds awesome! Enjoy!

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