Style Experiment

I’ve been working on thinking a little bit more about how I look. So today, I grabbed a green sweater because we were going out. I don’t usually do sweaters, but it’s ridiculously cold this weekend and I needed layers. Anyway, I put it on over a button down – also not something I usually do (I don’t think I can pull off the preppy look). I realized that I wouldn’t look overly great if I didn’t balance it out somehow.  The solution? light makeup, something creative with my hair, and accent pieces.
I put my own twist on a hair style that Christa Taylor recently posted about, and turned the braid into a pony tail (my husband’s favorite). I accented the green and blues with some jade earrings and a blue and green necklace and then applied some eyeshadow with a blueish tint (barely noticeable), mascara, and some lipstick.
I think it turned out pretty decent. I definitely would have felt comfortable going out in it (but our car froze and didn’t want to start :P). So this was my fashion adventure of the week, I think it worked out pretty well. 🙂







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