Avatar and Doilies

I decided to list some new stuff on my etsy shop yesterday- mostly the new scarf styles that I took pictures of.  I also have some doily like things that I’m thinking of posting but I’m not sure – so I thought I’d put some of the pictures up and see what you thought.
Also, we went (and waited for 4 hours) to see Avatar last night! It was an incredibly well done movie – and I don’t mean just the effects – the message/metaphors in it were simply beautiful and powerful. There were multiple themes throughout but it wasn’t confusing or hard to follow. James Cameron really did a fantastic job with Avatar, it was even better than Titanic and well worth the 4 hour wait for IMAX. To pass the time we took pictures in the theater, so I thought I’d post some of those too.
Not sure if I should post the doilies or not – but if you haven’t seen Avatar yet, it’s definitely a must see.






  1. designsbyav Avatar

    The middle doilie would look super cute as a purse…. just saying!

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