New [scarf] Design

I really like being able to come up with creative ways to make things. If you ask my husband he’ll tell you that my inability or unwillingness to follow a recipe to the letter is annoying but he always loves how my food comes out. When it comes to sewing, I don’t really use patterns (except for hats), I enjoy thinking about how I’d like it to look or make it in my head and try and actually make it work with yarn and hooks. The other day, I was trying to make this hat, and it wasn’t working very well (and I was following directions, thank you) and I had an idea for a scarf….and this is what I came up with.

It’s a Tie Scarf! Because you use the loop to put the circles through as loose or tight as you like, and then they hang down in a pretty little tie form. You can also move it sideways, and it looks kinda like a necklace. I haven’t put it on etsy yet as I’d like to make some more (and I was baking yesterday and forgot to get the measurements of my scarf), but I’ll hopefully get them up this weekend.
I also changed the layout/style of the blog for something new.






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