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Every year I wear the same costume – a colonial dress my grandma and I made from a Felicity pattern about 4 years ago. I love the squared neckline and the lace accents and the blue flowered material, I almost feel like I’ve stepped back in time (except not really, because the people in Star Trek costumes bring me back to reality) I stand taller and feel more graceful and feminine.
I realized the other day, that it’s not the dress that sends my posture into a more correct position, nor does it make me more graceful, I simply feel that way and carry myself likewise. So, I’ve decided to experiment – I’m going to try and carry myself with more grace and poise (and hopefully work on my posture) this month and see how it goes. Initially I thought about wearing more skirts, since they seem to help, but in this climate, I would freeze before being graceful. In lieu of that, I’m doing more stretches (just basic ones, most of them I learned from ballet) and trying to sit up straighter when I’m crocheting or working on my laptop.
I gave up training myself to become more poised and graceful a few years ago, and I regret it. At the end of this month, I’d like to stand tall at 4’11 and I’d like to be able to walk and carry myself in a way that exudes both femininity and confidence (without having to dress like a colonial).
Who knows, maybe I’ll take up dancing again.

Election Day

Tomorrow, for the first time, I’ll actually get to vote. I can honestly say I’ve been waiting for this moment for years and I’m more than a little bit psyched about it. I spent most of high school campaigning and encouraging everyone around me to go out on election day, and finally I can join them. I will probably wear my “I voted” sticker with much pride tomorrow…and I’ll try not go parading around town with it. Oddly enough, I think election day ties with my birthday in terms of anticipation. Tomorrow I vote, tomorrow I have a voice…and a check box, and tomorrow, I plan to use it.




Then, I get to watch the returns. 😀 😀 😀 😀




Small Adventures

Everyone has small problems and adventures, it’s just sort of a fact of life. However, small problems like…the internet being out for the day when your job completely relies on it, make internet outages much more challenging. This month, really has been full of random small adventures – car breakage, SAT’s, flies, realizing we have to register the car, and the whole internet out today thing.
So today, after realizing that the internet was out, we tried to reset it…for 45 minutes. After no success, we called Comcast and  apparently our entire town was out, at least in residential areas. We then realized, that we could register our car before the end of the month, and it was much cheaper than we thought it was going to be(score!). After we got that out of the way, we checked to see if internet came back…and it hadn’t. So thankfully, we live in a town that has several free (or cheap) wifi hotspots. Fortunately, we hadn’t cancelled our AT&T wifi subscription at Starbucks so Alex was able to work there until we decided to hang out at the library with everyone else who had no internet.  (library pic below – we have an awesome library.)
So anyway, tip for anyone who depends on internet like we do: make sure you move somewhere with free (or cheap) wifi available incase yours goes out randomly…for 7 hours….


I woke up this morning with plans to go to the bank and send out my cable bill…..and then  I realized that it’s Columbus day.  I don’t remember ever taking off Columbus day when I was in school, so it’s always come as a surprise – usually when we discovered there wasn’t any mail and spent about 5 minutes realizing, oh, it’s a holiday. Usually it’s  fine, but tomorrow it’s supposed to snow, which makes going out very inconvenient as I haven’t driven in the snow before.  If I do end up going out, it will definitely be an adventure.
It’s supposed to snow tomorrow. I grew up in the south, October is 80’s weather for me. So this is sort of a weird concept for me. Snow in October.
Where’s global warming when you need it? Chilling out?


In between math and such, I’ve been working on crocheting some scarves. I’d never made one until a few weeks ago when I realized that they were incredibly expensive and I could probably sew one just as well. Yesterday night I finished my 3rd. I think it’s the best one I’ve done so far (sewing wise). So, I thought I’d show it off. The lighting isn’t terribly great so the colors might look a little odd (but it actually does look nice in real life).
On a random math related note – I think I’m figuring algebra out. Three years after high school, but hey.


Also, I *love* staying home (with my Alex!!!) and being able to make sure it’s clean and lunch is actually put away….and be less stressed.
*happy sigh*
Lunches  that aren’t hotdogs are also a nice benefit.